What Is Service of Process and Why Outsource It?

When litigation is to take place, the defendant needs to be given the proper notification. This is a time-sensitive process. So whether a landlord is trying to evict a tenant or a person wants to serve his or her spouse with divorce papers, someone is going to get served and it needs to happen within a particular timeframe. So why does the client or individual not drop off the papers themselves? Why doesn’t the law firm do it? Here are a few reasons to outsource service of process.

  • Surprise – If a person knows the papers are coming, he or she may recognize the client or even a lawyer and become evasive. However, if a stranger approaches them on the street, at work, or even knocks on their front door, “I’m about to be served papers” is not the first thought that most people have.
  • Safety – There are occasions when a person may become angry or even violent when being served with papers. This may especially be true if the litigation is coming out of the blue. On the other hand, it is tougher to get upset with someone you don’t even know and who is not related to the case in any way.
  • Expertise – A third-party process server has one job to do. We’re not talking about wide range legal service companies that do everything but have an actual lawyer on staff. You want to hire a process server who specializes in finding the right person and delivering the papers quickly and properly.
Why Hire Precedent Legal Services as Your Process Server

At Precedent Legal Services, we have chosen a select few legal processes to specialize in, and we’re the best at them. We’re proud to be a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers. Clients love our prompt communication. We strive to inform clients the service has been completed within 4 hours of accomplishing the goal, and then we provide proof of service in a 72-hour window (usually sooner) because we know time is of the essence when it comes to service of process. To learn more, call us at 619-550-1589.

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