Questions to Ask Your Legal Records Retrieval Service

Before your law firm hires a records retrieval service, you want to vet them properly to ensure that you will get the service that your firm needs to promote success. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Is your focus on legal records retrieval? – A general retrieval company may not be as focused on the legality of how records are procured. But you are going to be submitting these to the court. You don’t want a vital document thrown out because of a records retrieval service that doesn’t know the law.
  • Is the company national? – You don’t always need records from the same location. Therefore, it is important to hire a service that can acquire records for you legally from anywhere in the nation.
  • Do you understand the subpoena process? – This should go along with a service that specializes in helping law firms, but you can never be too sure. So always ask if the service has experience with subpoenas, especially if you need medical records or other private/sealed records to be obtained.
National Records Retrieval for Law Firms of All Sizes

Precedent Legal Services offers all of the retrieval services you need regardless of the size or makeup of your operation. We have personnel across the county who are experienced in dealing with subpoenas and are able to acquire documents and records in a manner that will make them admissible in court.

To learn more about this and the other legal services we offer, contact us today at 619-550-1589, or you can submit a request for a quote online.

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