Protect Your Digital Data with Third-Party Data Storage

As an attorney, you recognize the importance of confidentiality and the concerns that go along with that in our modern world when so much data is stored digitally. Since the liability is yours either way, why would you want to entrust your data storage to a third-party? We’re going to give you a couple of compelling reasons.

#1 It Can Save You Money

In all likelihood, you don’t have drives and drives of backup data at your law firm. If you do, you have a couple of issues. One, you need to be able to protect all of that data. It could be easy for the wrong person to slip a drive out of the office. Second, you probably don’t have the room for it. That means you’re likely already using cloud storage which entrusts your data to a third-party anyway, and one that doesn’t specialize in legal services.

Now consider the costs. Sure, it’s not free to have someone store the data for you, but it’s not free to do it yourself either. You need to have the storage drives. You need to keep them secure. And you need technical support staff to help with that protection as well as accessing the data. Think of all the money you can save by outsourcing the entire process.

#2 Your Data Is Safer

There are a number of reasons a third-party legal services provider can keep your data safer. For one thing, you don’t have worry about someone in-house getting paid-off to sneak out the data. Second, you don’t have to worry about protecting the data from hackers. Third, you don’t have to worry about data stored in your facility being lost or damaged in a disaster. An offsite location is a safer place to keep the data from both cyber thieves as well as more traditional criminals.

Helping Legal Partners Protect Sensitive Data

Precedent Legal Services offer our clients data storage for closed files that allows you to have access as-needed without the expense of maintaining secure data storage on site. And since the data is kept elsewhere, you have the confidence of knowing it can’t be taken from your office by someone with sticky fingers or even by a fire that destroys your records room.

We aim to help legal professionals like you to reduce costs and stress. To learn more about the legal services we offer in the Riverside and San Diego areas, call 619-550-1589 today!

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