5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Legal Records Retrieval

If you operate a small to medium-sized law firm, you probably don’t have an in-house records retrieval team. Even some major law firms outsource this service. Here are five benefits of using a records retrieval service.

  1. Productivity – The one thing you probably feel you never have enough of is time. Outsourcing things like records retrieval is a great way to boost productivity at the firm.
  2. Accuracy – Accuracy is vital when it comes to client records, especially if medical records are necessary to build or defend a case.
  3. Speed – Waiting for someone in-house who has a thousand other things to do just won’t cut it in the legal field where time is of the essence. You have to hire a firm that is focused on getting you the records you need as fast as possible.
  4. Affordability – This goes back to not having an in-house retrieval staff. You only pay for records retrieval when you need records retrieval. Also, you don’t have someone in-house who gets a paid a ton to do technical work wasting time dealing with something like retrieval.
  5. Updates – When you send someone from down the hall to retrieve records, you may have to make regular phone calls until the job is done. When you hire a retrieval company, you should have access to status updates online or even via text, so always know where the process is at and how close you are to getting the records you need.
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