4 Vital Elements of Trial Support Services

More and more law firms are outsourcing trial support services and with good reason. This is a cost-effective way to outsource some of the necessary grunt work that goes along with litigation or other trial types. Here are 4 vital services that a trial support company should offer.

  1. Discovery Assistance – Discovery is full of legwork. From obtaining subpoenas to making sure you have enough copies of evidence for your team to review it in a timely fashion, discovery assistance is an important element of trial support and sets you up to succeed in the courtroom.
  2. Pretrial Services – Before a trial begins, there are numerous considerations. One of these is keeping track of defendants who have been released on bail to ensure they will be around when it becomes time for the actual trial.
  3. Document and Data Management – Whether electronic or on paper, documents are the lifeblood of a law firm. Your attorneys need fast access and secure storage of all vital information that pertains to a case. Sometimes this means simple things like copying and scanning. At other times it means redundant, secure storage of electronic data.
  4. Jury Research – This is a vital component of determining if a jury will be disposed to rendering a favorable verdict. Knowing the likely predisposition of certain jury members can allow your team to tailor the case to provide evidence that the jury will find compelling.

The Best Trial Support Services in San Diego, California

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