3 Important Facts About Process Servers

As a legal professional, you no doubt understand the importance of service of process which is guaranteed in the constitution. How do process servers play a vital role in fulfilling this constitutional right today? Here are three important facts about process servers.

  • The original process servers were sheriffs – You can imagine how little time a sheriff would have to do anything else if he or she had to serve people with papers all day long every day.
  • Most service of process providers do more than just serve people with papers – For example, a modern legal services provider should also offer copying and scanning services as well as document retrieval and messenger services.
  • Process servers need to be up to date on state regulations – This is necessary because, as you know, the laws regarding process serving will differ from state to state. Due process is required by the federal government, but the states get to choose how to regulate the ways the process is carried out within their borders.
Professional Process Servers in Southern California

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