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Precedent Legal Services, Inc, is setting the new standard for litigation support services. We understand that in trial preparation, time is money, and every second counts. Our responsive support staff are standing by and ready to assist your legal firm in all aspects of trial preparation, from process serving, to records retrieval and data storage, on time and on budget. Today’s trial management involves dealing with a tremendous amount of electronic data and our experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to help store and secure your data.

We streamline the document review process for our clients allowing you to maximize your time. We strive to be the most efficient and effective trial support staff you’ll ever need, at the most affordable and reasonable prices. Contact us today to learn how Precedent Legal Services can support your legal team in preparation for, during and after trial. We’re here when you need us.

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Client Reviews

Anna Hanshaw

I would highly recommend Precedent Legal Services, Inc.
 Our office was in a bind for service and they were able to assist us right away.
David was amazing. So helpful and very professional.

Anna Hanshaw
Great Job Guys!

My firm just used Precedent Legal Services for a 20,000 page project and they were able to get it back to me within a week. Great job guys !

Bob Semnar
Fast on Service

They were fast on service and very easy and pleasant to work with.

Laura D.